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IMCC - Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee

The Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee (IMCC) is the sole body responsible preparing the various important documents and publications that are required for effective communication with corporates and other stakeholders.

Its responsibilities include the creation of the corporate brochure of the institute in a yearly fashion and consolidating the batch profile which displays details of the diverse batch of IIFT in a more convenient and quickly accessible format.

Further the committee also assumes responsibilities of verification and design of the standard IIFT student CV to satisfy current recruitment requirements and ensure transparency and consistency.

Each member of the committee is required to function with strong sense of ethics, creativity and professionalism as responsibilities in hand are of a very sensitive nature.

IMCC Contact Details

Name Designation Contact No. Email
Abhishek Mandge Coordinator 9284961899
Prerna Bansal Member 9873627525
Tanishq Kansal Member 9999920710
Anant Shukla Member 6265122192
Dhruv Goyal Member 7310880020
Vikas Poman Member 9673461394
Ashish Pandey Member 8218101660
Chetan Sharma Member 8791403424
Sounak Deb Member 9971172590
Sparsh Juneja Member 8800571284
Shubham Mahajan Member 9082669873
Gaurav Jindal Member 8685842181
Sri Nandan Rao Member 9663459320
Shuvam Das Member 8013128437
Rajat Agarwal Member 8770838179
Raghavendra Gade Member 9902557062
Nikhil K Member 8978944822
Ragveer Singh Member 8092233064
Kausthubh Bhaskar IMCC Coordinator, Kolkata Campus 9594882331
Chitresh Baheti Member 9131566691
Ankit Kumar Member 7696158445
Priyanka Singh Member 8882939946
Mrinal Mukherjee Member 9819129263
Pranav Mishra Member 9771905165